Putting nature first

We at Océopin are convinced of the importance of sustainable development and maintaining biodiversity. This means that we pay attention every day to the fragile environment of the forest and to protecting local balances.

Taking care of nature and your skin

We owe our very existence to the earth and sand in which pine trees develop their roots. So, from hand-picking maritime pine cones to extracting the oil and packaging it, we are above all motivated to protect the environment. Since the beginning, we have striven to manage natural resources in an innovative, ethical way and have taken active part in preserving the Aquitaine forests, particularly those that are recognised as “exceptional forests”.

Natural and organic

The maritime pine is a tree that only needs sun to grow. Our ambition is simple: to manufacture highly natural and organic cosmetic treatments, made up of a small, basic range of products to suit demanding, fragile and sensitive skin types, which requires the purest of ingredients.


Totally natural, organic products

• Cosmetics that are certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife and Cosmebio, and registered as Vegan products with the Vegan Society

• No parabens, no sulphates, no phenoxyethanol, no silicone, no artificial colouring, no endocrine disruptors, no palm oil, no synthetic ingredients that can irritate the skin

No animal testing, cruelty-free cosmetics

• Totally natural fragrances with no allergens

Manufactured with love in France

Océopin cosmetics from the initial concept to the finished product are made in France. We believe there is no point in travelling to the other side of the world to look for ingredients to take care of your skin, when you can find all you need at home. This is why we lovingly choose the very best local ingredients. Our product line is largely made from powerful, beneficial plants that grow along the French Atlantic coast. Fewer ingredients, but much more benefit. We are also convinced that you only need a few essential products every day to keep your skin beautiful, and that these products will become part of your new classic beauty routine.

Cette odeur mêlée de pins et d’immortelles des dunes 💛

That smell mixed with pine and immortelles…

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@emmymartens @roniaterra
Notre tisane Magic Forêt ✨🎄

Avec son air frais et boisé, cette infusion biologique est idéale pour les voies respiratoires malmenées et pour se réchauffer. Vertueuse au coeur de l’hiver, cette tisane vivifiante associe menthe poivrée, romarin, serpolet, fleurs de guimauve et bourgeons de pin.

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🎄Soins bio engagés et locaux pour Noël 
🎄Récoltés et fabriqués en France
🎄100% bio et naturels
🎄Sans ingrédients controversés, sans huiles essentielles, pour toutes les peaux même sensibles

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LES COFFRETS @oceopin 
À ouvrir le soir de Noël ou à placer au pied du sapin 🎄

#oceopin #coffrets #cadeauxnoel #beautebio #localbrand
🕯️Entre œuvres d’art et objets domestiques, les créations de Marion Benoit portent le nom de “merveilles”. Un qualificatif qui va à la perfection à cette magnifique bougie en céramique au relief de branches de pin.

Sa grande taille 350g et ses deux mèches en coton pur en font une pièce d’exception. Durable et réutilisable, son contenant pourra se transformer, une fois la cire fondue, en objet de décoration dans la maison. Sa senteur vivifiante évoque une balade dans la pinède et les champs d’immortelle qui tapissent les dunes atlantiques.
@oceopin x @maisonmerveille 

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L’esprit de Noël 🎄
Christmas spirit

Découvrez nos coffrets de Noël !
L’emballage cadeau est offert chez Océopin, n’oubliez pas de sélectionner cette option 😉

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📸 @emmymartens
Prendre soin de son corps avec un cocktail d’huiles biologiques locales vertueuses 🌾

• Huile de graines de pin maritime
• Huile de lin
• Macérât de mimosa 
• Immortelle des dunes 

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