Wonder serum oil


• The antioxidant and reviving effects of maritime pine seed polyphenols combat free radicals resulting from oxidative stress, which cause aging of the skin
• Strengthens skin support fibres and boosts microcirculation, helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles
• Corrects dark spots and brightens the complexion

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• Stimulates phospholipid synthesis and deep cell oxygenation, reversing dulling of the skin with its exclusive delta 5-unsaturated fatty acids
• Restarts cell renewal and repulps the epidermis through the combined action of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids

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• Substantially improves the skin’s tolerance and vitality with its exclusive delta 5-unsaturated fatty acids
• Its high vitamin E activity protects the epidermis from aggressive external factors
• Soothes skin irritation and redness

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• Its remarkably rich essential fatty acid content strengthens the skin’s barrier function and controls water loss.
• Nourishes, softens, repairs

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Maritime pine seed oil® is gentle and creamy and is used liked a serum, penetrating the skin wonderfully easily to produce its benefits.


Maritime pine seed oil® brings something resolutely new to cosmetics. The purity of its plant-based origins and the unique combination of its effects make it a truly precious cosmetic ingredient with proven efficacy. Océopin is a patented anti-wrinkle, anti-dark spot complexion brightener.

Innovation between beauty and health

Océopin is the outcome of an astonishing meeting and innovation, resulting in a patent for maritime pine seed oil® and its use in the fields of natural cosmetics and nutraceuticals. The amazing benefits of this wonder oil have been revealed after ten years of research carried out with Professor Robert Wolff, the eminent Bordeaux scientific lipids specialist and the teams of the Lille-based Pasteur Institute and Bordeaux’s Fats and Oils Research Institute.

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Innovation between beauty and health

Our discoveries have been subjected to extensive cosmetic and clinical efficacy testing, the results of which have been published in many international scientific journals, including Chemistry and Physics of Lipids, Inform, Lipid Technology, Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society, etc.

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Innovation between beauty and health

Innovation has always been the basic driver of our development. This is why we take time to do the necessary research around each of our discoveries, so as to learn all we possibly can about this fascinating tree and its seed oil. We are supported in our work by the agency Innovalis and the Region of Aquitaine, and continue our development in partnerships with renowned expert scientific institutions, to uncover all the beauty and health secrets of maritime pine seed oil®.

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LE SOIN CORPS ~ Notre huile sèche bio multifonction (corps & cheveux) légère et addictive aux notes chaudes d’immortelle des dunes. 

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Respirez, c’est vendredi 🌿

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Un soin bio réussi, ce sont des ingrédients végétaux de qualité mais aussi une belle texture, agréable à appliquer, en affinité avec l’épiderme.

Vous aussi, vous êtes fans de la sensorialité/application de nos soins cosmétiques ? 😚

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Raffermir 🌿 Notre Onguent se masse sur tout le corps en insistant sur les cuisses pour des jambes légères et raffermies. 

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Endless summer ☀️
Encore une belle journée de plage en perspective et de réconfort avec notre Onguent bio à appliquer le soir après la douche ou le bain.

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Photo et modèle : @emmymartens @roniaterra 
Vestiaire : @graineclothing
Bonne hydratation matinale !

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Intense et précieuse, cette huile riche répare et raffermit le corps 🌾

À l’huile de graines de pin maritime, mimosa, bourrache, onagre, coudrier.
100 % bio, vegan, locale.

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Sauvage, simple et délicate ~ la nature d’Océopin provient des pins, du sable, de la sève et du soleil.

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