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Welcome to Océopin eshop dedicated to the purchase of MARITIME PINE SEED OIL® - exceptional facial oil – and of our organic cosmetics. On the edge of the French coastline along white sandy beaches, there grows an age-old tree whose seeds contain an oil with unique regenerating power. The cosmetic innovation of Maritime Pine Seed Oil for all demanding skins stems from the nobility of its origins and the unique combination of its performance. This patented facial beauty oil has remarkable anti-aging virtues : plumping, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant and soothing, it restructures in depth the epidermis, the skin becomes visibly refined and redensified. Due to its excellent cutaneous tolerance, this facial oil is the best companion-in-arms for all sensitive skins and the essential beauty care to preserve and recover a youthful skin. MARITIME PINE SEED OIL® is an essential step in your beauty ritual.

Facial Beauty Oil

The revelation of the benefits provided by MARITIME PINE SEED OIL® is the end-result of ten years of research and of efficacy tests carried out under dermatological supervision. This 100% organic vegetable facial oil is closely linked to its native land along the French coastline, the Cap-Ferret peninsula and the Bordeaux region. Harvested and made in France, this organic facial oil is obtained by a simple cold-press process, without preservatives nor solvents. Océopin brand is proud to share a new cosmetic ethic based on naturalness and an innovative and creative vision of modern luxury. To buy Facial Beauty oil , take a look at our eshop. Please contact our Customer Service if you have any questions about your purchase.