Oceopin L’huile de graines de pin maritime Oceopin L’huile de graines de pin maritime Oceopin L’huile de graines de pin maritime

Respecting nature

Convinced of the importance of today’s issues of biodiversity and sustainable development, the commitment shown by OCÉOPIN is reflected each day by strict vigilance over the fragility of our forestry environment and respect for the balance of local nature and wildlife.

We owe our existence to the soil and sand in which conifers are enrooted. This is why our prime concern is to protect this fragile environment, from the harvesting of maritime pine cones to the extraction of oil from their seeds.

We offer our clients 100%-organic oil produced from a fully harnessed and traceable industry. The maritime pine is a tree that needs just one thing to grow: sunshine. So it was only logical that we should choose to work with it in the most natural way possible: we collect our pine cones by hand and oil is extracted by cold-process pressing with no addition of solvents. 

Because the quality, safeness and compliance with applicable regulations are, to our mind, also the keys to an environment-friendly attitude, maritime pine seed oil meets all the following quality standards:

• Market quality conforming to the specifications recommended by industrial operators.
• Respect for specifications, laid down by the Codex Alimentarius and target audiences in the cosmetics industry, regarding undesirable substances, state of oxidation and oleic acid.
• A product free from mycotoxin and benzo[a]pyrene.
• Respect for the European Directive for allergens in cosmetics.

Committed from the outset to modern-day ethical stewardship of natural resources, we endeavour to develop each and every by-product from extraction. Alongside our long-standing partner, D’A NOSTE, we work to preserve and replant the forests of Aquitaine.

Facial oil

Océopin is a new cosmetic brand made in France, Aquitaine, that harvests and produces an organic vegetable oil dedicated to natural skincare : MARITIME PINE SEED OIL®. This innovative and patented Facial beauty oil has amazing anti-aging virtues : plumping, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant and soothing, it restructures in depth the epidermis, the skin becomes visibly refined and redensified. Due to its excellent cutaneous tolerance, this facial oil is the best companion-in-arms for all sensitive skins and the essential beauty care to relieve skin troubles as rashes, dryness and irritations.

Facial oil made in France

The revelation of the benefits provided by MARITIME PINE SEED OIL® is the end-result of ten years of research, in collaboration with the Bordeaux-based Iterg, and of efficacy tests carried out under dermatological supervision. This luxury 100% organic facial beauty oil is closely linked to its native land along the French coastline, the Cap-Ferret peninsula and the Bordeaux region. Harvested and totally made in France, this organic facial oil is obtained by a simple cold-press process, without preservatives nor solvents. Océopin naturally took root on the very site where maritime pine seeds are harvested and continues to grow each day, upholding values of respect for the natural environment and the forest. Océopin brand is proud to share a new cosmetic ethic based on naturalness and an innovative and creative vision of modern luxury.