Did you know?

Virgin oil such as maritime pine seed oil is a fat obtained by cold-process pressing of the different parts of a plant (especially a plant’s seeds and fruit). This extraction process preserves its full richness in nutriments, appreciated in cosmetics for their wide scope of action and efficacy. The ultimate in quality is virgin oil from the first cold press, solvent-free and produced from seeds that are perfectly ripe and collected using organic farming methods.

A vegetable extract, such as extract of maritime pine seeds, is produced using natural solvents and utilizes a clearly-defined process: the separation of the constituents of a solid body by solubilization. The choice of solvent, use of the process and the performance of equipment are key factors. The high-precision combination of all three is the only way to obtain quality vegetable extract.

An essential oil is obtained by the dry or water-vapour distillation of the different organs of a plant (leaves, flowers, needles…). The distillation process is used to heat these organs and to extract a liquid that is concentrated in volatile aromatic molecules. Contrary to what the name may suggest, an essential oil is not an oil in the strict sense of the word; as opposed to a virgin oil, it contains no vegetable fat.