Oceopin Maritime Pine Seed Oil

Benefits and applications in detail

Oceopin Maritime Pine Seed Oil

When added to any cosmetic formula at a concentration of 0.5 to 2%, alone or combined with other active ingredients, maritime pine seed oil has shown amazing affinity with skin that draws on its many benefits:

• It combats free radicals and oxidative stress, responsible for ski aging, through the anti-oxidizing and revitalizing mechanism of the polyphenols naturally contained in maritime pine seeds.
• It increases the skin's support fibres and activates the micro-circulation, thus helping to restore the skin's radiance and original evenness.

• It promotes the synthesis of phospholipids to oxygenize cells deep-down and counter the sullying of skin thanks to exclusive Delta 5 unsaturated fatty acids.
• It boosts the cell renewal process and replumps the epidermis through the simultaneous action of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, in this proportion a real rarity in vegetable oils.

• It improves the tolerability and vitality of skin, nails and hair through its high content in phytosterols and OPC.
• It protects the epidermis from exterior insult owing to significant vitamin E activity. 
• It protects from photo-toxicity induced by UVB radiation whence huge potential value for a range of suncare products.

• It reinforces the barrier function and controls water loss thanks to an exceptional richness in essential fatty acids.
• It intensely nourishes, softens and repairs.

The cosmetic innovation of maritime pine seed oil stems from the nobility of its origins and the unique combination of its performance.

A complete vegetable active ingredient, it offers a huge number of targeted benefits, making this a precious ingredient for high-end natural formulations.

Facial oil

Océopin is a new cosmetic brand made in France, Aquitaine, that harvests and produces an organic vegetable oil dedicated to natural skincare : MARITIME PINE SEED OIL®. This innovative and patented Facial beauty oil has amazing anti-aging virtues : plumping, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant and soothing, it restructures in depth the epidermis, the skin becomes visibly refined and redensified. Due to its excellent cutaneous tolerance, this facial oil is the best companion-in-arms for all sensitive skins and the essential beauty care to relieve skin troubles as rashes, dryness and irritations.

Facial oil made in France

The revelation of the benefits provided by MARITIME PINE SEED OIL® is the end-result of ten years of research, in collaboration with the Bordeaux-based Iterg, and of efficacy tests carried out under dermatological supervision. This luxury 100% organic facial beauty oil is closely linked to its native land along the French coastline, the Cap-Ferret peninsula and the Bordeaux region. Harvested and totally made in France, this organic facial oil is obtained by a simple cold-press process, without preservatives nor solvents. Océopin naturally took root on the very site where maritime pine seeds are harvested and continues to grow each day, upholding values of respect for the natural environment and the forest. Océopin brand is proud to share a new cosmetic ethic based on naturalness and an innovative and creative vision of modern luxury.