Oceopin L’huile de graines de pin maritime
Oceopin L’huile de graines de pin maritime Oceopin L’huile de graines de pin maritime

Extract and Powder

Extract: the quintessence of a dune tree and sea-spray

Obtained by extraction using natural solvents and an exactingly defined process, extract of maritime pine seed gives a remarkable concentration in active polyphenols: ± 500 mg/kg.

This content, twice as high as most other vegetable extracts, gives the product very considerable powers, a capacity to effectively combat oxidative stress and free radicals while supporting the natural activity of the skin and the organism.

As a highly effective plant-based active ingredient, extract of maritime pine contains the seed’s native nutriments, enriched, by way of a dedicated plant extraction process, with original phenolic compounds that are of great value to our health.

Dedicated to the cosmetics and nutraceutical industry, this part of our range is constantly evolving and being developed in close cooperation with our clients. Innovative bio-products with high added value – esters and vegetable butter – have, amongst other products, been developed in order to broaden your options for formulation. Contact us for more details.

Powder: the experience of plant-based exfoliation

Produced by grinding the cake of maritime pine seeds, maritime pine seed powder provides a source for gentle and unique exfoliation that could not be more natural.

An alternative to chemical-based scrubs, plant exfoliation helps to mechanically eliminate dead cells and impurities. It softens and evens up the epidermis, speeds up skin renewal and helps the skin to recover new-found radiance. With the rubbing movements, maritime pine seed powder stimulates the circulation and facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients contained in the skin products applied afterwards.

Suitable for both women and men and 100%-natural, maritime pine seed powder can be formulated as a scrub for the face or the body, in a shower gel or soap for a skin experience with a totally “seaside” flavour.

Facial oil

Océopin is a new cosmetic brand made in France, Aquitaine, that harvests and produces an organic vegetable oil dedicated to natural skincare : MARITIME PINE SEED OIL®. This innovative and patented Facial beauty oil has amazing anti-aging virtues : plumping, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant and soothing, it restructures in depth the epidermis, the skin becomes visibly refined and redensified. Due to its excellent cutaneous tolerance, this facial oil is the best companion-in-arms for all sensitive skins and the essential beauty care to relieve skin troubles as rashes, dryness and irritations.

Facial oil made in France

The revelation of the benefits provided by MARITIME PINE SEED OIL® is the end-result of ten years of research, in collaboration with the Bordeaux-based Iterg, and of efficacy tests carried out under dermatological supervision. This luxury 100% organic facial beauty oil is closely linked to its native land along the French coastline, the Cap-Ferret peninsula and the Bordeaux region. Harvested and totally made in France, this organic facial oil is obtained by a simple cold-press process, without preservatives nor solvents. Océopin naturally took root on the very site where maritime pine seeds are harvested and continues to grow each day, upholding values of respect for the natural environment and the forest. Océopin brand is proud to share a new cosmetic ethic based on naturalness and an innovative and creative vision of modern luxury.